Announcing Our January Theater Pub!

Pa-January! – A Night of Bedtime Stories

The holidays are over but 2013 is now here with a New Year of Theater Pub!

With winter still ahead of us, we’re inviting everyone to cozy up in Café Royale for a Pajama Party and a night of Bedtime Stories.  We’re talking grade-A comfort theater, with stories old and new, a lullaby or two, crayons and coloring and of course booze – just like elementary school!

This Theater Pub will be brought to you by the Letter T for Talent, including Stuart Bousel , Megan Cohen, Jeremy Cole, Ashley Cowan, Jaime Lee Currier, Sang S. Kim, Dan Kurtz, William Leschber, Carl Luciana, Brian Markley, Jan Marsh, Karen Offereins, Sunil Patel and Marissa Skudlarek,

Pajamas are optional but whimsy is not. That said, if you come in your pajamas, we’ll totally enter you in a raffle to win a prize!

It all happens on January 21st, 2013 at the Cafe Royale in San Francisco! The show starts at 8, but get there early to support our friends the Hide-Away BBQ, who will be bringing pop-up deliciousness! Admission is, as always, free, with a suggested donation at the door!

Next Up At Theater Pub!

Something is Rotten at the Café Royale!

A one night only event celebrating all things HAMLET, “Hamlet and Cheese on Post” combines the Hamlet we’ve come to know and love with a riotous dose of comedy and fun.The evening features a staged reading of Richard Curtis’ “Skinhead Hamlet” and Shel Silverstein’s “Hamlet: As Told on the Street”, (famously penned for Playboy Magazine back in 1998), plus original songs from dynamic duo McPuzo & Trotsky and other musical surprises.

To be there or not to be there? That is the question.

We think you know the answer!

Directed by: Molly Benson and Karen Offereins, starring: Mikka Bonel, Jaime Lee Currier, Nick Dickson, Michelle Jasso, Rik Lopes, Nathan Tucker and Geoffrey Nolan as Hamlet.

The show starts at 8 PM on Monday, September 17th, only at the Cafe Royale (800 Post Street, San Francisco), and as usual the event is FREE, with a five dollar suggested donation. Our friends at Hideaway BBQ will be serving up plenty of southern style treats starting at 6:30, so get there early as we expect to fill up and it’s the best way to ensure a seat.

Interview With “Odes of March” Producer Karen Offereins

Karen Offereins has been working with Theater Pub from year one, but the “Odes of March” will be her first time acting as  a guest producer. We’re really excited to have her on-board, and even more excited to share this fun interview with everybody. Enjoy! And don’t forget to come see “Odes of March” at Theater Pub on March 19, at 8 PM at the Cafe Royale in San Francisco!

So how did you come up with this idea?

I was driving home from work and was thinking about how funny actors are in that they eat ANY food out/near them and how it’d be funny to have an Ode written to them.  Like, “Ode to the Actor, Oh, Actor, how you manage to find and consume all that lay in front of you…” in some kind of English Ode manner.  Then I thought how it’d be fun to write Odes for all Theater folks and pay homage/tease them in a super theatrical and poetic way.

These poems are about all the different hats one can wear in the theater. What hats have you worn?

It’s easier to think of what I haven’t worn!  I’ve been a producer, stage manager, actor, director, set designer, props master, costume designer, program designer, poster designer, box office, concessions, usher, house manager, marketing director, casting director, and artistic director.  You know, what most people in small, indie theater circles have done.

What’s your favorite theater hat to wear?

That’s easy – Actor.

What’s your least favorite?

Stage Manager.  It’s the toughest job.

Is there a hat you’d like to try?

I’d be interested in doing set design for a theater company other than my own.  It’s something I’ve always loved doing, and it’d be great to have that job and nothing else for a production someday.

Is there a hat you’d like to avoid at all costs?

Lighting designer.  I’m sure I’d end up setting something on fire.

This is your first time producing a night of Theater Pub, but it’s not your first time here. What else have you done at the Pub?

Mostly acting.  I’ve been in five TP shows.  And I’ve attended every one I’ve been able to.  I’m a big fan.

What keeps you coming back?

It’s great to be a part of new work.  And it’s great to be a part of classics that are re-imagined for modern audiences.  It’s an ideal lab for trying theater out on theater folks and theater patrons.  And the challenges of the space always push the boundaries of the traditional theater staging, which I love.  And then, there’s the bar.

What’s next for you in the theater world?

I’ll be in acting in BOA XI (Program 2’s ISO Explosive Possibility) in April-May.

What are you looking forward to seeing in San Francisco this theater season?

If I had to pick, I’d have to go with Meg Cohen’s sequel to the Three Little Dumplings BOA piece she did last year and the touring production of Les Miserables this summer. 

Beware The Odes Of March!

Or rather- do not beware the Odes of March!

Join us as we pay tribute to the artists, crew, and YOU- all the people that make theater come alive ! 19 original odes celebrating those essential theater folks, without whom, the stage would be bare, the lights would be dark, and the only other option would be to see Star Wars (the prequels, no less!) in 3D.  While there are more than 19 roles of the theatre, Theater Pub is on the 19th, so 19 is what you’ll get!  Poems, monologues, and songs by Theater Pub regulars and newcomers and we swear no one will stab you in the back. This time.

Written by Victor Carrion, Ashley Cowan, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Sang Kim, Brian Markley, McPuzo & Trotsky, Sunil Patel, Marissa Skudlarek; directed by Ashley Cowan, Robert Estes, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Sang Kim, Sunil Patel; performed by Ashley Cowan, Aoife Davis, Dimas Guardado, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Charles Lewis, Carl Lucania, McPuzo & Trotsky, Sunil Patel, Shane Rhoades, Jessica Rudholm, and Nick Trengove (with Linda Huang running the lights!).

Admission is FREE with a suggested $5 donation.  No reservations necessary, but we encourage early arrivals to get the best seating. The show begins at 8 PM on March 19th!

Join SFTP this Valentine’s Day for a Classic Rom Com!

Join San Francisco Theater Pub this Valentine’s Day for a classic story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl to sexy foreigner, boy declares war on foreigner’s homeland, boy destroys foreigner’s homeland, boy gets girl back only to lose girl again and discover he may have never lost her (or had her) to begin with. Euripides’ HELEN is considered by many to be the first dramatic romance, an adult play (in the maturity sense, not the rated X sense) about middle aged lovers learning what it means to be married and committed, not just hot enough to die for. It’s comic, it’s bizarre, it’s full of massive plot gaps and leaps of logic, and more than one genuine nugget of beauty and wisdom on the evasive nature of true romance.

If you’re single, what better place to come launch a thousand ships with that sexy smile? If you’re paired off, bring your beloved and learn from the Great Poet while you’re still sober enough to absorb something useful, then get drunk with us afterwards and screw it all up during the trip home!

Starring Tonyanna Borkovi, Kirsten Broadbear, Nick Dickson, Maura Halloran, James Kierstead, Dan Kurtz, Theresa Miller, Tonya Narvaez, Karen Offereins, Leer Relleum, Marissa Skudlarek, Aaron Tworek and directed by Stuart Bousel, this will be a classic Theater Pub dramatic reading, complete with sexy actors in sheets and perhaps a Valentine’s Day Treat or two.

Admission is FREE with a suggested five dollar donation. No Reservations necessary, but we encourage early arrivals to get the best seating. The show begins at 8 PM!

More Actor Interviews From The Pint-Sized Plays!!!

Pint-Sized plays returns tonight for its third performance, starting at 8 PM tonight at the Cafe Royale! As if you didn’t already have a million reasons to come join us, we thought some more entertaining spotlights with tonight’s entertainers would whet your appetite!

What do you love best about theater pub?

Karen Offereins: That it’s like our community’s gathering spot to try out new work and meet others to potentially work together with in the future.

Brian Martin: Getting to work on, or see, new plays- or plays that are rarely done- in a relaxed theater space.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: The Beer.  I mean, the Community.  The Beermunity.

What’s your favorite moment in this year’s Pint-Sized?

Jed Rapp Goldstein: Rob seducing middle-aged women as a llama in Drinking Alone.

Karen Offereins: When the Llama returns.

Brian Martin: When the entire bar sings along with “In Heaven There Is No Beer.”

What attracts you to a character as an actor?

Brian Martin: I’m attracted to a variety of characters as long as the script is well-written.

Karen Offereins: A sense that it’s a real person with depth and complexity.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: Usually an email.  Sometimes a conversation with a director.  A script sometimes helps.  That and strong conflict or plain truth.

What’s a role you’ve always wanted to play?

Jed Rapp Goldstein: A lazy NASA engineer who sings Seal and plays a melodica.

Karen Offereins: I’d pretty much take any female role in a Tennessee Williams play if I had the chance.

Brian Martin: Edmund Tyrone in A Long Day’s Journey Into The Night.

Who is your favorite actor?

Karen Offereins: Easy, Meryl Streep.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: Ryan Gosling. You saw The Notebook right?  JK, I drink your milkshake.

Brian Martin: Kim Stanley.

What show are you doing next, or what Bay Area show do you most look forward to this season?

Jed Rapp Goldstein: PanderFest 2011! With my sketch group, Mission Control (of PianoFight ilk), and SF improv titans Crisis Hopkins. Weekends through October at the new Stage Werx in the Mission. Like whoa.

Brian Martin: How to Love by Meg Cohen with Performers Under Stress, Hyperion to a Saytr by Stuart Bousel and Eos by Kendra Arimoto, both with the San Francisco Olympians Festival.

Karen Offereins: I’ll also be performing in two nights during the Olympians Festival (Pleiades and Oribiting Jupiter) in October.  Looking forward to it!

What’s your favorite thing to order at a bar?

Karen Offereins: Easy, lemon drop.

Brian Martin: Mojitos.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: An air strike (Oban 14) but really any type of invasion (whiskey) that’s appropriate.