Past Projects

January 2010


A new translation of the only surviving satyr play, a ribald retelling of the famous story from the Odyssey.

By Euripides

Adapted and Directed by Bennett Fisher

Featuring Molly Benson, Stuart Bousel, Katrina Bushnell, Tom Cokenias, Lindsay Cookson, Matt Gunnison, Julia Heitner, Sean Kelly, James Kierstead, and Paul Stout.

With live folk music performed by West of Shannon.

February 2010


A collection of original songs, monologues, short pieces on the subject of love and whether it has anything to do with Valentine’s day.

Original material written and performed by Molly Benson, Stuart Bousel, Sara Briendel, Xanadu Bruggers, Meg Cohen, Ashley Cowan, Katarina Fabic, Ryan Hayes, Allison Herman, Warden Lawlor, Carl Lucania, Joseph Miller, Kai Morrison, Carole Swann, and Rana Weber.

March 2010


A collection of original short plays, monologues, poems, and songs inspired by the different MUNI lines in San Francisco.

Original material written and performed by Claire Rice, Joe Miller, Ryan Hayes, Brian Markley, MR Fall, Nancy Cooper Frank, Julia Heitner, Wylie Herman, Skip Emerson, Jenni Gebhardt, Leigh Shaw, Geoffrey Libby, and Carl Holvik-Thomas.

April-May 2010


A fully staged production of Havel’s play about a playwright and intellectual forced to work in a brewery, who is called into his foreman’s office for a friendly beer and sobering conversation.

By Vaclav Havel

Directed by Bennett Fisher

Featuring Paul Stout and Nathan Tucker

Collaborative team includes Alejandro Acosta, Stuart Bousel, Victor Carrion, Molly Stewart Cohn, Lindsay Cookson, Bennett Fisher, Catherine Lardas, Brian Markley, Meg O’Connor, Tanya Orellana, Paul Stout, Nathan Tucker.

June 2010

THE THEBAN CHRONICLES (The Phoenician Women, Oedipus at Colonus, Seven Against Thebes, and Antigone)

A four-part staged reading epic drawn from the Greek tragedians that tells the story of the House of Oedipus.

By Euripides, Sophocles, and Aeschylus, adapted by Stuart Bousel

Directed by Meg O’Connor, Maryanne Olson, Sara Judge, and Amy Clare Tasker

Featuring Stuart Bousel, Megan Briggs, Xanadu Bruggers, Danielle Doyle, Katerina Fabic, Vince Faso, Bennett Fisher, Dimas Guardado, Maura Holloran, Catherine Lardas, Charles Lewis III, Carl Luciana, Jan Marsh, Elana McKernan, Nirmala Nataraj, Annie Paladino, Jessica Rudholm, Ricky Saenz, Stacy Sanders, Leigh Shaw, Jay Smith, Addie Ulrey, Celeste Van Etten, Rana Weber, and Richard Wenzel

July 2010


A staged reading of Jarry’s madcap reboot of Macbeth, arguably the first modernist play.

By Alfred Jarry

Translated and directed by Bennett Fisher

Featuring Sam Leichter, Catherine Lardas, Vijay Vachani, Julia Heitner, Warden Lawlor, Ricky Saenz, Paul Stout, Annie Paladino, with live deejay accompaniment by Wait What

August 2010


Three evenings of fully staged short plays that all take place in the time it takes to finish a beer.

By Elena McKernan, Bennett Fisher, Stuart Bousel, Jeremy Cole, Molly Benson, Karen Offereins, Marissa Skudlarek, Megan Cohen, Victor Carrion, and Ashley Cowan, all performed in the time it takes to finish a beer.

Directed by Paul Cello, M. R. Fall, Claire Rice, Julia Heitner, Meg O’Connor, Alex Curtis, Sara Staley, Ashely Cowan, and Meg Cohen

Featuring Kristen Broadbear, Brian Trybom, Damian Lanahan-Kalish, Matt Gunnison, Warden Lawlor, Tim Talbot, Erwin O’Toole, Ashley Cowan, Lila Davidson, Rob Ready, Andy Strong, Kat Bushnell, Tea Toplak, John Caldon, Kurt Cotton, Nicole Hammersla, Derricka Smith, Cooper Carlson, and Joe Scheppers

September 2010

WILDE CARD (The Florentine Tragedy and La Sainte Courtesan)

By Oscar Wilde

Directed by Stuart Bousel

Fully staged productions of two lesser known works by Oscar Wilde.

Featuring Kai Morrison, Tim Ballard, Ben Knoll, Catherine Lardas, Jessica Rudholm, Xanadu Bruggers, Charles Lewis III and original music written and performed by Sara Judge.

October 2010


Dramatic reading adaptations of HP Lovecraft stories: “The Shunned House”, “The Hound”, “Pickman’s Model”, “The Call of Cthulhu” and “The Dunwich Horror.”

By Stuart Bousel, Kai Morrison, Nirmala Nataraj, Nathan Tucker and Ignacia Zulueta

Directed by Stuart Bousel, Joe Jordon, Kai Morrison, Nirmala Nataraj and Nathan Tucker

Original music written and performed by Sean Malroy and Mcpuzo & Trotsky

Original artwork by Ernesto Ortiz Leyva, Adam Miller, Christine Monohan

Featuring Ross Berger, Stuart Bousel, Sara Eve Breindel, Megan Cohen, Stefin Collins, Lindsay Cookson, Tom Darter, AJ Davenport, Aoife Davis, Julianna Egley, Joe Estlack, Dimas Guardado, Maura Halloran, Alex Hersler, Matthew Ingle,  Evan Johnson, Michelle Jasso, Joe Jordon, Christopher P. Kelly, Dan Kurtz, Catherine Lardas, Charles Lewis III, Rik Lopes, Carl Lucania, Brian Martin, Ross Murray, Hector Osario, Cassie Powell, Kira Shaw, Leigh Shaw, Nathan Tucker, Ignacio Zulueta

November 2010


A one-man show comprised of selections of Whitman’s poetry.

Created and performed by Ryan Hayes with a musical introduction by Daniel Redman.

December 2010


A series of scenes and monologues about how we first learned the truth about Santa Claus.

Written and performed by Xanadu Bruggers, Dan Kurtz, Charles Lewis III, Maura McGowan, Kai Morrison, Sunil Patel, John Paul Poritz, Leigh Shaw and Marissa Skudlarek with original songs written and performed by McPuzo and Trotsky.

January 2011


A fully staged collection of 50 short plays based on stories from Is The Barn Still Standing by John Ashworth.

Adapted and directed by Victor Carrion.

Performed by Molly Benson, Kirsten Broadbear, Dimas Guardado, Julia Heitner, Ben Knoll, Kai Morrison, Geof Nolan, Jessica Rudholm.

February 2011


A dramatic reading performance piece created from the historic speeches of Katherine of Aragon, Ann Hutchinson, Patrick Henry, Ned Kelly, Nelson Mandela and Diane Savino.

Conceived and directed by Stuart Bousel.

Performed by Stuart Bousel, Michelle Jasso, Charles Lewis III, Lee Marcotte, Karen Offereins, Jessica Rudholm.

March 2011


by Evgeny Shvarts

Adapted and directed by Bennett Fisher.

A staged reading of Shvarts’ classic socio-political fairy tale.

Performed by Sara Breindel, Juliana Egley, Dimas Guardado, Charles Lewis III, Caitlyn Louchard, Brian Martin, Geoffrey Nolan, Annie Paladino, Zac Schuman, Jocelyn Stringer, Nathan Tucker.

March 2011


Short play produced as part of the 2011 Bay One Acts Festival, depicting a relationship between a young artist and the object of his affection.

Written by Sharif Abu-Hamdeh

Directed by Sara Judge

Featuring Justin Liszanckie

April 2011


by Aristophanes

Adapted and directed by Stuart Bousel

A staged reading of the little known political sex comedy from the master of ancient Greek social commentary and toga-clad antics.

Performed by Tristan Cunningham, Maura Halloran, Julia Heitner, James Kierstead, Dan Kurtz, Carl Lucania, Joe Miller, Theresa Miller, Jessica Rudholm, Marissa Skudlarek,  and Linda Wang.

May 2011


Adapted by Stuart Bousel from William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Henry V

Directed by Jessica Richards, stage managed by Carrie Lynne Barnes

A fully produced 90 minute version of the famous trilogy chronicling Henry V’s rise to the throne of England, his betrothal to the lovely Katherine, and his ill-fated friendship with the errant knight, Sir John Falstaff. 

Performed by Sarah Kate Anderson, Larissa Archer, Ted Barker, Tonyanna Borkovi, Stuart Bousel, Nick Dickson, Derek Fischer, Bennett Fisher, Paul Jennings and Trish Tillman.

June 2011


Written and directed by Megan Cohen

An exploration and dramatization of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Performed by Scott Baker, Derek Fisher, Myron Freedman and Leigh Shaw.

July 2011


Adapted and directed by Kate Jopson

A dramatic reading of five poems from the ancient Arabic world detailing the loves and losses of five princes.

Performed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Stuart Bousel, Carl Holvick-Thomas, Khatchadour Khatchadourian, Zari Matthews with Kate Jopson.

August 2011


By Gabriel Bellman, William Chessman III, Megan Cohen, Jeremy Cole, Nancy Cooper Frank, Nick and Lisa Gentile, Brian Markley and Piano Fight’s Mission Control

Directed by Megan Briggs, Julia Heitner, Jessica Holt, B. Warden Lawlor, Rik Lopes, Meg O’Connor and Sara Staley

Music performed by Duncan Wold

Another round of fully produced short plays written to take place in the amount of time it takes one character to finish a beer.

Performed by Josie Alvarez, Molly Benson, Megan Briggs, Kirsten Broadbear, Ashley Cowan, Nick Dickson, Rachel Ferensowicz, Jed Rapp Goldstein, Matt Gunnison, Nicole Hammersla, Ray Hobbs, Dan Kurtz, Brian Martin, Sarah Moser, Karen Offereins, Sunil Patel, Rob Ready, Nathan Tucker and Duncan Wold.

Technical assistance provided by Clinton Winder

September 2011


by Lanford Wilson

Directed by Megan Cohen, Ashley Cowan and Brian Markley

Staged readings of “Ludlow Fair” and “Home Free!”

Performed by Megan Cohen, Ashley Cowan, Matt Gunnison, Claire Rice.

October 2011


by Bennett Fisher, music and lyrics by Kai Morrison and Sara Breindel

Directed by Sara Judge

A fully staged new musical version of the Faust legend.

Performed by Kat Bushnell, James Grady, Michelle Jasso, Charles Lewis III, Justin Liszanckie, Andrea Shippy, Mike Shiono, Nick Trengove, Rana Weber.

November 2011


by Brian Markley

directed by Rik Lopes

A staged reading of an original full-length play about customs officials working at San Francisco Airport over Thanksgiving weekend. 

Performed by Molly Benson, Kirsten Broadbear, Lindsay Cookson, Kelley B. Greer, Dan Kurtz, Karen Offereins, Sunil Patel, Samuel Richie, Paul Stout

Sound design by Logan Austejan Daniel

December 2011


A sing-along concert pageant about the last seven days of the life of Jesus Christ, as told through the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

Performed by Stuart Bousel, Xanadu Bruggers, Katrina Bushnell, Angel Carvajal, Cory Clar, Sean Fenton, James Grady, Michelle Jasso, Jim Jowdy, Sara Judge, Carl Lucania, Kai Morrison,  Paul Rodrigues, Kelly Sanchez and Rana Weber.

January 2012


A night of short dramatic readings discussing the great American tradition of protesting and civil disobedience.

Featuring original writing by Gabriel Bellman, Jeremy Cole, Ashley Cowan, Claire Rice, Kirk Shimano, Christian Simonsen, Eileen Tull and Matt Werner, with additional material by Lillian Hellman and Huey P. Newton.

Directed by Brook Bishop, Ashley Cowan, Julia Heitner, Claire Rice and Eileen Tull.

Performed by McPuzo & Trotsky, Kirsten Broadbear, Matt Gunnison, Sylvia Hathaway, Kate Jones, Charles Lewis III, Brian Markley, Karen Offereins, Claire Rice and Nick Trengove.

February 2012


by Euripedes

A dramatic reading of the classic romance about Helen of Troy’s rescue from Egypt.

Performed by Tonyanna Borkovi, Stuart Bousel, Kirsten Broadbear, Nick Dickson, Maura Halloran, James Kierstead, Dan Kurtz, Theresa Miller, Tonya Narvaez, Karen Offereins, Leer Relleum and Aaron Tworek.

March 2012


Nineteen original odes written about the various roles within a theater company, acted out by a myriad of Theater Pub veterans.

Written by Victor Carrion, Ashley Cowan, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Sang Kim, Brian Markley, Sunil Patel, Marissa Skudlarek with an original song by McPuzo & Trotsky.

Directed by Ashley Cowan, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Sang Kim, Sunil Patel, Robert Estes.

Performed by Ashley Cowan, Les Cowan, Aoife Davis, Dimas Guardado, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Charles Lewis, Carl Lucania, McPuzo & Trotsky, Sunil Patel, Shane Rhoades, Jessica Rudholm, and Nick Trengove.

Produced by Karen Offereins.

April 2012


by Stuart Bousel

An original short play performed as part of the 2012 BOA festival, exploring the tension between selfishness and selflessness within the self.

Directed by Sara Staley.

Performed by Giovanna Arieta, Travis Howse, Kate Jones, David Levine, Theresa Miller.

May 2012


by Vaclav Havel

A staged reading of the classic play about office politics by former Czeck playwright turned politician, Vaclav Havel. 

Adapted and Directed by Bennett Fisher.

Performed by Donald Budge, Melissa Clascon Burns, Lauren Doucette, Sarah Gold, Dimas Guardado, Maura Halloran, Neil Higgins, Rik Lopes, Brian Markley, Geoffrey Nolan, Paul Stout, Megan Trout.

June 2012


by James D. Lock

A dramatic reading of the true life account of the early days of AIDS research from the perspective of homosexuals working in the medical industry.

Directed by Victor Carrion with Seanan Palmero

Performed by Nick Dickson, Julia Heitner, Rik Lopes, Brian Markley, Theresa Miller, Nick Trengove.

July 2012


By Tim Bauer, William Bivins, Stuart Bousel, Tom Bruett, Megan Cohen, Nancy Cooper Frank, Seanan Palmero, Sunil Patel, Marissa Skudlarek, Leah M. Winery.

A third round of fully produced short plays centered on drinking a pint of beer.

Directed by Sylivia Hathaway, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Jessica Holt, Meg O’Connor, Amanda Ortmayer, Katja Rivera, Eileen Tull, Clint Winder.

Music by Anthony Ferraro.

Sound effects by Logan Austeja Daniel.

Assistant Produced by Lila Davidson.

Featuring Molly Benson, Kirsten Broadbear, Cooper Carlson, Rachel Ferensowicz, Anthony Ferraro, Matt Gunnison, Katie McGee, Theresa Miller, Geoffrey Nolan, Karen Offereins, Allison Page, Rob Ready, DL Soares, Nicholas Weinbach, Maggie Ziomek.

August 2012


by William Shakespeare

adapted and directed by Stuart Bousel

An 80 minute, fully produced version of the classic play about love, lust, betrayal, vengeance and justice.

Featuring Kirsten Broadbear, Linda Ruth Cardozo, Tony Cirimele, Nick Dickson, William S. Hand, Julia Heitner, Neil Higgins, Carl Lucania, Vince Rodriguez.

September 2012


conceived and directed by Molly Benson and Karen Offereins

A staged reading of Richard Curtis’ “Skinhead Hamlet” and Shel Silverstein’s “Hamlet: As Told on the Street”, with original songs.

performed by Mikka Bonel, Jaime Lee Currier, Michelle Jasso, Dan Kurtz, Rik Lopes, Geoffrey Nolan and Nathan Tucker with music by McPuzo & Trotsky.

October 2012


by Kirk Shimano

directed by Claire Rice

The world premiere production of an existential queer zombie rom-com.

Featuring Tony Cirimele, Alisha Ehrlich, Neil Higgins, Tonya Narvaez, Paul Rodrigues and Maggie Ziomek.

November 2012


A solo show written and performed by Evangeline Reilly.

Directed by Julia Heitner

December 2012


by Jonathan Larson

A staged concert version of Act One of the world’s most beloved AIDS Awareness/Youth Culture/Christmas Rock Opera.

Directed by Kat Bushnell and James Grady

Performed by Annika Bergman, Stuart Bousel, Kat Bushnell, Christie Chew, Cory Clar, Ashley Cowan, Sean Fenton, Anthony Ferrarro, James Grady, Steven Grady, Evan Johnson, William Leschber, Carl Lucania, Ryan Marchand, Mike Shiono, and Whitney Thomas.

January 2013


A night of lullabys, fairy tales and storytelling with a bent towards comfort theater for adults stumbling through mid-winter blues.

Written by Stuart Bousel, Ashley Cowan, Sang S. Kim, Will Leschber, and Carl Lucania, with additional material by Kenneth Ascher, Claire Bowen, Vashti Bunyan, Adam Mansbach, Harry Nilsson, Sam Palladino, Malvina Reynolds, Shel Silverstein, Paul Williams, and the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

Directed by Sang S. Kim and Will Leschber.

Performed by Ashley Cowan, Jaime Lee Currier, Tavis Kammet, Sang S. Kim, Dan Kurtz, Carl Lucania, Jan Marsh, Karen Offerins, Sunil Patel, Marissa Skudlarek, Nick Trengove.

Music performed by Jaime Lee Currier and Eric Hart.

February 2013


by Heiner Muller

An evening of short plays, each one a different version of the same script.

Directed by Maria Calderazzo, Robert Estes, Hannah Gaff, Amy Marie Haven, Kate Heller, Joan Howard, Rebecca Longworth, Dan Mack, Carmen Melillo, Annie Paladino, Cecilia Palmtag.

Performed by Molly Benson, Misti Boettiger, Sabrina DeMio, Lisa Drostova, Joan Howard, Michelle Jasso, Hannah Gaff, Paula Gutierrez, Maria Leigh, Ryan Marchand, Caroline Parsons, Ashley Ruiz, Chad Stender, Jocelyn Stringer, Nikolas Strubbe, Addie Ulrey, Liz Wand, Hailey Yaffee.

Music Composed and performed by Rob Woodcock

March 2013


by William Shakespeare

A fully staged production of William Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy.

Directed by Stuart Bousel

Performed by Sam Bertken, Vince Faso, Paul Jennings, Jan Carty Marsh, Brian Martin, Shane Rhoades, Kim Saunders, Sarah Stewart, Ron Talbot, Shay Wisniewski.

April 2013


by Jean Cocteau

translated by Marissa Skudlarek

A staged reading of a new translation of the Cocteau classic.

Directed by Katja Rivera

Performed by Andrew Chung, Stefin Collins, Colin Hussey, Charles Lewis III, Katie McGee, Jeremy Parkin, Jessica Rudholm, Kim Saunders.

May 2013


An evening of staged readings of short plays representing the speculative fiction genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Written by Bridgette Dutta Portman, Timothy Kay, Audrey Kessinger, Sang Kim, Allison Page, Sunil Patel, Kirk Shimano, Marissa Skudlarek.

Directed by Sang Kim, James Nelson, Meg O’Connor, Sunil Patel.

Performed by Giovanna Arieta, Sam Bertken, Andrew Chung, AJ Davenport, Colleen Egan, Caitlin Evenson, Paul Jennings, Timothy Kay, Dan Kurtz, Meg O’Connor, Sunil Patel, Peter Townley, Olivia Youngers.

Music composed by Liz Ryder. Sound tech by Tracy Held Potter.

June 2013


A reader’s theater adaptation of James Joyce’s short story “The Dead.”

Adapted and Directed by Jeremy Cole

Featuring Melissa Clason, Siobhan Doherty, Vince Faso, Jean Forsman, Cameron Galloway, Heather Kellogg, William Leschber, Theresa Miller, Rhio Ossola and Sara Breindel on the harp.

July 2013


A fourth round of new original works by local playwrights, for five nights of heavy drinking fun.

Written by Stuart Bousel, Megan Cohen, Peter Hsieh, Sang S. Kim, Carl Lucania, Daniel Ng, Kirk Shimano and Christian Simonsen

Directed by Jonathan Carpenter, Colin Johnson, Tracy Held Potter, Neil Higgins, Charles Lewis III, Meghan O’Connor, Adam L. Sussman

Coordinated by Neil Higgins

Produced by Neil Higgins

Stage Managed by Linda Huang

Starring Annika Bergman, Jessica Chisum, Andrew Chung, AJ Davenport, Eli Diamond, Caitlin Evenson, Lara Gold, Matt Gunnison, Melissa Keith, Charles Lewis III, Brian Quakenbush, Rob Ready, Casey Robbins, Paul Rodrigues, Jessica Rudholm, with a special performance by the Blue Diamond Bellydancers.

September 2013


A short play, performed as part of the 2013 Bay One Acts Festival, about three different men who commit three different crimes using the same weapon.

Written by Daniel Hirsch.

Directed by Rik Lopes.

Starring Melvin Badiola, Randy J. Blair, and John Lowell.

November 2013


Three short plays by Nick and Lisa Gentile, offering a less-than-reverent perspective on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Starring Ashley Cowan, Eden Davis, Stefanie Geerlings, Tavis Kammet, Dan Kurtz, Will Leschber, Doug Miller.

January 2015


A light comedy about a satyr who has lost his mojo and the nymph who turns it all around for him.

Written by Annette Roman and Bryant Turnage

Directed by Greg Young

Starring Tony Cirimele, Annabelle King, Genevieve Perdue, and Karl Schackne.

February 2015


A romantic re-interpetation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, set to a live score.

Written and Directed by Tonya Narvaez, inspired by a screenplay by Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick

Starring Stuart Bousel, Xanadu Bruggers, Andrew Chung, Neil Higgins, Dan Kurtz, and Meg Trowbridge.

Music by Storm Door.

March 2015


Six shorts generated in 24 hours by writers working with two props (a banana and a drum set) and a pre-chosen line of dialogue, then performed by actors and directors given six hours of rehearsal to work on each script.

Written by Jake Arky, Gabriel Bellman & Sara Judge, Rachel Bublitz, Barry Eitel, Seanan Palmero, and Madeline Puccioni.

Directed by Mike Fatum, Neil Higgins, Christine Keating, Charles Lewis III, Rem Myers, and Sam Tillis.

Starring Xanadu Bruggers, Andrew Chung, AJ Davenport, Jan Gilbert, Annabelle King, Michelle Navarrete, Annette Roman, Carole Swann, Jess Thomas, Meg Trowbridge, Steven Widow.

April 2015


A short play is performed multiple times by the creators, who take it on a development journey from reading, to staged reading, to fully staged, to experimental revisioning.

Written, Directed, and Performed by Megan Cohen and Steven Withavee.

May 2015


Three short plays about being an artist, written by Colin Johnson.

Directed by Vince Faso.

Starring Eden Neuendorf, Kate Robards, Paul Rodrigues, Jessica Rudholm, and Jess Thomas.

June 2015


An audience interactive, immersive theater piece throughout the PianoFight bar. 

Written and Directed by Rory Strahan-Mauk.

Starring Ed Berkeley, Andrew Chung, Danielle Doyle, Ira Jones, Sophia LaPaglia, Juliana Lustenader, Cara McKelvey Phillips, Michelle Navarrete, and Samantha Schmitt.

July 2015


Four nights celebrating the Irish revival with a series of short plays by William Butler Yeats, Lady Gregory, Sean O’Casey, and John Millington Synge.

Directed by Meghan O’Connor Trowbridge.

Starring Xanadu Bruggers, Neil Higgins, Genevieve Perdue, Karl Schackne, Paul Rodrigues.

Music by Alexis Hall, Kevin Trowbridge, and Meg Trowbridge.

August 2015


A fifth round of short plays and monologues about drinking beer!

Written by Christina Augello, Stuart Bousel, Megan Cohen, Alan Coyne, Elizabeth Flanagan, Jeremy Geist, Christine Keating, Neil Higgins, Lorraine Midanik, and Daniel Ng.

Directed by Stuart Bousel, Neil Higgins, Colin Johson, Claire Rice, Gabriel Ross, Sara Staley, Sam Tillis, Alejandro Torres, and Meghan Trowbridge.

Starring Bryce Allemann, Tony Cirimele, Matt Donovan, Colleen Egan, Matt Gunnison, Kathy Hicks, Dorian Lockett, Chris Markle, Carlos Mendoza, Eden Neuendorf, Allison Page, Rob Ready, Brian Rosen, James F. Ross, Jessica Rudholm, Heather Shaw, Jacinta Sutphin, Jess Thomas, and Scott Van De Mark.

Stage Managed by Linda Huang. Music by Duncan Wold.

September 2015


Three creepy one acts about what happens when we sleep- and what can happen!

Written by Christine Keating.

Directed by Sydney Painter.

Starring Andrew Chung, Danielle Ishihara, Freddy Merlos, and Jeunée Simon.

October 2015


A 64 minute version of William Shakespeare’s Richard III, performed by 9 actors and three stuffed animals!

Adapted and Directed by Stuart Bousel.

Starring Paul Jennings, Megan Briggs, Sam Bertken, Allison Page, Jeunee Simon, Jessica Rudholm, Will Leschber, Brian Martin, and Carl Lucania.

November 2015


A love story about a guy, a gal, and a phone packed with every piece of information in human history, by Gabriel Bellman.

Directed by Sara Judge.

Starring Genevieve Perdue, Jake Arky, Lisa Darter, Karl Schackne, Stacy Beckley, Alejandro Torres, Kitty Torres, Wendy Taylor, Kyle McReddie, Liz Stone, and Drew Ellsworth.

Music and Sound effects by Sara Breindel, Sound by Ryan B. Kelley.

December 2015


A sing-along concert version of the Who’s Tommy!

Music Directed by James Grady.

Performed by Stuart Bousel, Cory Clar, Samuel Cohen, Mark Dietrich, James Grady, Steven Grady, Jessica Igrashi, Charles Lewis III, Carl Lucania, Juliana Lustenader, Kyle McReddie, Amanda Ortmayer, Clare Prowse, Marissa Skudlarek, Colin Williams, and Duncan Wold.

January 2016


A series of plays based on songs by the saddest singer of them all! 

Directed by Stuart Bousel.

Written by Stuart Bousel, Pete Bratach, Jessica Chisum, Allie Costa, Barry Eitel, Libby Emmons, Anthony Miller, Kylie Murphy, Alan Olejniczak, Susan Petrone, and David Robson.

Performed by Alexaendrai Bond, Andrew Chung, Melissa Clason, Colleen Egan, Caitlin Evenson, Colin Johnson, Charles Lewis III, Brian Martin, Kyle McReddie, and Kitty Torres.

February 2016


An original origin story about the infamous Lisa Frank, creator of the worlds cutest trapper keepers! 

Written and Directed by Tonya Narvaez.

Featuring performances by Sam Bertken, Andrew Calabrese, Andrew Chung, Danielle Doyle, Alisha Ehrlich, Caitlin Evenson, Danielle Gray, Danielle Ishihara, and Christine Keating.

Choreography by Liz Tenuto.

March 2016


An evening of six one acts created by a writer, director, and cast, over within a 24 hour window.

Written by Gabriel Leif Bellman, Bill Hyatt, Christine Keating, Charles Lerrigo, P.L. Morin, and Madeline Puccioni.

Directed by Sara Judge, Jimmy Moore, Annette Roman, Carole Swann, Jess Thomas, and Alejandro Torres.

Featuring performances by Tom Bleecker, Lisa Darter, Daphne Alexandra Dorman, Danielle Doyle, Ellen Dunphy, Jan Gilbert, Danielle Gray, Sioux Matson-Krings, Alex Mechanic, Kathleen McHatton, Kyle McReddie, Amy Nowak, Hilda Roe, Wendy Taylor, Alejandro Torres.

Produced by Sara Judge.

April 2016

t. gondii presents the lovesickness circus

A cat and a rat attend a circus hosted by a parasite. A typical Monday night, am I right?

Written by Katharine Sherman.

Directed by Rem Myers.

Featuring Soren Santos, Jeunee Simon, Marlene Yarosh.

May 2016


A zombie stoner comedy taking place in the San Francisco of here and now. 

Written and Directed by Colin Johnson.

Featuring Andrew Chung, Jamella Cross, Colin Johnson, Charles Lewis III, Kyle McCurdy, Aeron Macintyre, Sara Moore, Paige Smith, and Kitty Torres.

June 2016


One season of commercials, previews, and episodes in the life of a fictional television station.

Created by Megan Cohen.

Written by Paul Anderson, Scott Baker, Sam Bertken, Stuart Bousel, Megan Cohen, Jeremy Cole, Barry Eitel, Valerie Fachman, Fenner Fenner, Danielle Gray, Kenneth Heaton, Paul Jennings, Colin Johnson, Dan Kurtz, Rebecca Longworth, Carl Lucania, Becky Raeta, Samantha Ricci, Cassie Rosenbrock, Heather Shaw, Jeunee Simon, Marissa Skudlarek, Peter Townley, Steven Westdahl, Indiia Wilmott, Marlene Yarosh.

Directed by Megan Cohen.

Featuring Paul Anderson, Scott Baker, Megan Cohen, Valerie Fachman, Danielle Gray, Paul Jennings, Becky Raeta, Cassie Rosenbrock, Jeunee Simon, Seteven Westdahl, Indiia Wilmott, and Marlene Yarosh.

July 2016


An original musical about the legend game! 

Written by Kirk Shimano, with the music of Jonathan Coulton.

Directed by Sang S. Kim.

Music Direction by Liz Baker; Voice Direction and Production Design by Renee LeVesque; Props by John Daniel.

Featuring Paul Anderson, Spencer Bainbridge, Alan Coyne, Jaime Lee Currier, Dan Kurtz, Courtney Merrell, Karen Offereins.

August 2016


Five nights of new short plays about drinking beer! 

Written by Jake Arky, Gabriel Bellman, Stuart Bousel, Alan Coyne, Elizabeth Gjelten, Tanya Grove, Shirley Issel, Caitlin Kenney, James Nelson, Christian Simonsen, and Marissa Skudlarek.

Directed by Jake Ark, Megan Briggs, Vince Faso, Jamie Harkin, Neil Higgins, Juliana Lustenader, Jimmy Moore, Adam Odsess-Rubin, and Emma Rose Shelton.

Featuring Layne Austin, Andrew Chung, Lisa Darter, Nick Dickson, Daphne Dorman, Caitlin Evenson, Sailor Galaviz, Jamie Harkin, Colin Hussey, Sarah Leight, Alexander Marr, Kyle McReddie, Brett Mermer, Courtney Merrell, Rob Ready, Paul Rodrigues, James F. Ross, Amitis Rossoukh, Jessica Rudholm, Ron Talbot, and Noemi Zeigler Sanchez.

September 2016


A world premiere play of a ghost story with a twist.

Written by Savannah Reich.

Directed by Claire Rice.

Featuring Megan Cohen, Celeste Conowitch, Valerie Fachman, Ryan Hayes, Christine Keating.

October 2016


A musical melodrama about a Gravedigger who falls in love with his corpse.

Book by Dylan Waite.

Music by Casey Robbins.

Directed by Casey Robbins.

Stage Managed by Sara Barton.

Designed by Erica Lopez, Kristin Matia, Sara Pruder.

Featuring Austin Edgington, Rachel Goldberg, Miranda Lickey, Elliot Lieberman, Susan Melanson, Becky Raeta, David Reynolds, Taylor Wuthrich, and Michael Zavalla with Aiden De Jong, Alexis Hall, Geoff Kennedy, and Casey Robbins on band.

November 2016


A short and fast, bloody and comical, tragic and touching rendition of the Bard’s most epic tragedy. 

Adapted and Directed by Sam Bertken.

Featuring Valerie Fachman, Carl Lucania, Marlene Yarosh, Genevieve Perdue, Megan Briggs, Matt Weimer, Charlie D. Gray, Sam Heft-Luthy, Vince Faso, Karl Schackne and Kevin Glass.

December 2016


A musical sing along to raise funds for the ACLU. 

Produced and Coordinated by James Grady.

Performed by Martin Bell, Stuart Bousel, Andrew Chung, Clare Eiluned, Edward Garcia, James Grady, Matt Grandy, Charlie Gray, Sara Judge, Dan Kurtz, Carl Lucania, Juliana Lustenader, Tonya Narvaez, Katie Nix, Rob Ready, Marissa Skudlarek, Leah Shesky, Gabbi Traub, Meg Trowbridge, Red Velvet, McPuzo and Trotsky, and Fat Chance Belly Dance.




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  1. […] And that’s just my attendance. After enjoying that first show and chatting up the folks who run it, I soon auditioned for them in the Spring of 2010. I was then cast in their June 2010 show, The Theban Chronicles, thus beginning the other half of the joke that is my Theater Pub ubiquity: everyone seems to think I’m always cast in shows. I will immediately argue that such a thing isn’t true; that if someone actually counted the names on each roster, surely someone else’s name would appear more than mine. Well… I did count. As much as I tried to argue that the ‘Pub hasn’t cast me all that much, I have to date appeared in 11 of the 43 productions: […]

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