GET INVOLVED!!! (Casting and Submission Ops)

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San Francisco Theater Pub has worked with more artists in its short history than most theater companies do in their entire tenure – more than 300 writers, actors, directors, designers, musicians, and crew have passed through Theater Pub! We are always eager to meet new faces, encourage new work, and find new talent to promote, profile, and empower! We are also excited to have worked with a number of different venues, from bars to traditional theaters, bookstores to art galleries, helping to increase their profile and customer base! If you are a venue looking to take on a resident company or regular program, we’re also open to that so please, drop us a line!

Casting Opportunities: 

We currently have no casting opportunities.

Playwright Submission Opportunities:

We currently have no submission opportunities.

Blog Submissions:

If you’d like to write for the SF Theater Pub blog, you can send an article or proposal to Stuart at

9 comments on “GET INVOLVED!!! (Casting and Submission Ops)

  1. You guys are great. Love your show. Would love to get involved. Background is singing opera in europe, Stage experience includes directing Hansel and Gretel while singing the witch in a small production/Mendocino, but mostly singing major roles in opera in Europe—primarily in German and Italian.. Love Sondheim and Pinter. I’m over 60 but hanging in there. When’s your next show?
    Thanks for being our there—-what a fantastic idea to create theater in a bar, a live, public space. Congratulations on your verve, imagination and professionalism.

    • sftheaterpub says:

      Hey Karen!
      Thanks for your comment! You’re on our radar now, certainly! Subscribe to the website and keep an eye on it, because we always post audition notices here when we’re looking for people. Next year’s season is still being drawn up, and should provide some great opportunities to come act, sing and create theater with us.

  2. Mike Vaughn says:

    I don’t know how I came to see your site, but I am happy I did. I teach acting at the Jean Shelton Studios and also teach broadcasting in Berkeley. I would love to hear about your events and share that with my students.

  3. I am a senior actor who has been out of the business for quite a while but am getting back into it and am very interested in you. Do you have something planned for the summer?

    • sftheaterpub says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      We are still building our summer season yet, and am not sure what it will entail. We will certainly post any actor calls we may have on this website, so please keep an eye on it.

      -SF Theater Pub

  4. Brooke says:

    I literally cannot find the words to express how excited I am about this – which is bad, because I’m a writer. Once my heart rate returns to normal, I’ll start brainstorming. And by brainstorming I mean intermittently weeping into an Oscar Wilde book between cigarettes and disdainful sighs.

  5. gregory l house says:

    I can’t wait to go see. I am writing a paper on plays and chose this place. Beer, theater, a no brainer.

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