Closing Night For Zombies!

Don’t miss your last chance (this time around) to see LOVE IN THE TIME OF ZOMBIES!

We were packed last night and expect to be standing room only again, so get there early, have some sushi and some libations, and watch the best little rom com Zom dram that San Francisco has to offer!

The show starts at 8, but doors are open as early as 5:30, with the pop up kitchen usually in and serving by 6. The show is free, with a suggested five dollar donation.

Costumes encouraged! As it is closing night!

See you there!

The Zombies Return For Their Final Two Performances!

Don’t Miss LOVE IN A TIME OF ZOMBIES, by Kirk Shimano, playing tonight and tomorrow at 8 PM at the Cafe Royale!

Look what the Performant had to say about us:

Speaking of enabling, in SF Theatre Pub’s production of Kirk Shimano’s “Love in the Time of Zombies,” middle-aged mad scientist Melinda (Maggie Ziomek) traps four bumbling zombie-slayers in her isolated cabin in order to feed them to her very own test subject zombie, Clara, whom she may secretly love.

The premise behind her madness is that zombies crave not human flesh but human emotion, and by “feeding” Clara the four “major” human emotions as embodied by the clueless band of four, Clara might become human again. According to Shimano, these emotions are anger, fear, lust, and regret, which probably says more about Shimano’s emotional state than that of all humanity, but regardless, watching the experiment unfold, including a very funny lesson on zombie vernacular, does give the oddience the opportunity to empathize with the unique plight of the zombiefied, who frequently come off as far more likable than the living, despite their limited vocabulary (“me want eat you fuzzy”).

And at least with zombies, you know that they want you for your mind, so really, what’s not to love?

Indeed- what’s not to love?

Zombies Gets A Stellar First Review From The Idiolect!

Check it out! We got a great review in the Idiolect!

Don’t miss your chance to see this funny, return-to-life affirmative zom-rom-com! We have three more performances including tonight, starting at 8 PM!

As an added bonus, our favorite cuisine collaborators, Big May’s Hide Away Blues BBQ, will also be there to tempt you with fabulous lobster mac’n’cheese, BBQ pork sandwiches, and bourbon soaked cupcakes.

See you at the bar!

We Love Hide Away BBQ

Those of you who make it out to the Monday night shows of Theater Pub have probably met, and grown to love May, the proprietor of Big May’s Hide Away Blues BBQ, the people who bring us lobster mac and cheese, giant plates of peach cobbler, and booze soaked cupcakes. Honestly, we can’t say enough about this amazing woman, and then just when it can’t get better, she themes her menu to our show and shows up to the opening night of LOVE IN A TIME OF ZOMBIES wearing a wig and scary eye make-up.

You can’t scare us, May. You can only make us love you in a new way.

Is there anything better than being greeted with enthusiasm, delicious lobster mac n’cheese and the booziest pulled pork sandwich in the world? It’s sprayed with bourbon. SPRAYED WITH BOURBON.

On non-Theater Pub nights, you can find May at Hide Away Blues BBQ at 457 Hyde Street, but it’s a science fact that the unbeatable combination is BBQ + beer + Theater, so make sure you help us keep her at Theater Pub by coming hungry whenever you come on Monday nights. And if you come on Tuesdays, don’t despair: there’s a pop-up sushi restaurant to complete your evening!

Be sure to come see LOVE IN A TIME OF ZOMBIES, with four more performances this month- tonight, Monday the 22nd, and Monday and Tuesday the 29th and 30th of October!

The Zombie Invasion Begins Tonight!

Don’t miss Kirk Shimano’s LOVE IN A TIME OF ZOMBIES, directed by Claire Rice, starting tonight at 8 PM, only at the Cafe Royale!

Featuring Tony Cirimele, Alisha Ehrlich, Neil Higgins, Tonya Narvaez, Paul Rodrigues and Maggie Ziomek.

Love in the Time of Zombies is a new rom-zom-com (making it’s world premiere!) about four friends- a neurotic gay boy, his roommate, and their accidental dates- trapped in a zombie-surrounded cabin with a mysterious woman who may be a mad scientist looking to use the survivors as lab experiments. It’s a journey to the edge of undeath that challenges the core of what makes us human- and what makes us a zombie. Romantic, comedic, sexy, this play may in fact be the only queer feel-good zombie Armageddon play in the world… which could be ending soon, so see it while you can!

We’ll also be joined by our friends Hide Away BBQ, so come hungry!

Admission is FREE, with a five dollar suggested donation!

They’re coming…

San Francisco Theater Pub

Love in the Time of Zombies by Kirk Shimano

Directed by Claire Rice

Tony Cirimele, Alisha Ehrlich, Neil Higgins, Tonya Narvaez,
Paul Rodrigues and Maggie Ziomek

October 15, 16, 22, 29, 30, 2012

Cafe Royale
800 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94109

7pm: Pop-up Kitchen (Mon: BBQ, Tues: Sushi)
8pm: Performance
Cost: Free, $5 Suggested Donation

Playwright Kirk Shimano Talks About Love In The Time Of Zombies

We took a moment to chat up Kirk Shimano, the mastermind behind our October rom-zom-com, Love In The Time Of Zombies. This show is actually a first for Theater Pub: a fully produced full length play that isn’t based on prior material (like Boar’s Head and Measure For Measure were), and it turns out it’s not just a first for us…

Kirk Shimano looks nice enough… but his mind is a twisted play-pen of the Devil.

This your first full length to get produced?

Yes it is!

How does that feel?

It’s hard to know where to start! It’s exciting, for sure, but also intimidating. Watching the cast assembling the story in rehearsal has been a little surreal – watching these scenes that have only existed inside of my head being played out by real people. So in a word, it’s exciturrealidating.

Tell us about this play. Like… what is it about?

It starts with four survivors of a zombie apocalypse piling into an abandoned cabin in the woods. But while they’re prepared for the standard finding-love-while-running-from-zombies scenario, they’re not prepared for a mysterious woman who challenges their whole concept of what it means to be human. Lives are changed and people get eaten, but ultimately it’s about how our strongest emotions can either hold us back or propel us forwards.

How did it end up on the Theater Pub stage?

The first incarnation of this story was a one act that was presented by the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco back in the spring of 2009. I was encouraged by the connection the audience made with the characters, so I decided to expand the story, shifting the focus and adding two more characters to the mix. Two years later, the full length version of this play was presented as a staged reading by Wily West Productions. It was paired with Juno En Victoria, written by Theater Pub artistic director Stuart Bousel. Originally that led to this play being added to the No Nude Men season, but when that fell through the zombies found a new home at Theater Pub.

What’s the process been like so far?

It’s been amazing collaborating with Claire Rice, the director of the piece, and watching her work with the actors. I always find myself surprised by how much there is to fill in – even though all of the dialogue is already on the page, the actors have to construct a convincing reality from moment to moment. I’m fortunate to be working with a director and a cast who see the story in the same way that I do.

Originally, this play isn’t set in a bar, so what have you had to do to make this play doable at Theater Pub?

The biggest change has been to make the audience an active part in the play. The bar environment makes everyone more aware of the other audience members around them and we wanted to use this to help build the atmosphere. We’re having the audience play the part of the zombies surrounding the cabin. It fits right into the story, and hopefully the audience will enjoy the play even more when they get to make zombie noises throughout it!

What is it about zombies that we’re so interested in?

Zombies are the monsters that are closest to humanity. You can tell your friends, “Man, I was a total zombie at work today” and they’ll know exactly what you mean. Try inserting “swamp monster” into that sentence and it just doesn’t work the same. Zombies are people who are just a little more brain-hungry.

I think the closeness is also what makes them terrifying. The person who you trust most in the world could go zombie and turn on you in a second, and you’d understand why they were eating you while being entirely powerless to do anything about it

Can you think of any other zombie plays or movies that might have influenced you?

There wasn’t anything that was a direct influence, but I’ve definitely enjoyed a bunch of zombie things which I’m sure have affected me in one way or another. I like 28 Days Later for proving that there were plenty of new ways to approach zombies and Shaun of the Dead for injecting fun without losing any of the crucial elements of the genre. I really enjoyed The Walking Dead (the comic more than the TV show) for asking the question: “You’ve survived the initial outbreak. So now what?” Also Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive / Braindead for going way over the top and making it work.

What’s your favorite zombie related thing of all time?

I’m going to go with something a little more recent and say the trailer for the video game Dead Island. I never actually played the game it was advertising, but the trailer is really a masterful three minutes of storytelling that provides an emotional wallop. If you haven’t seen it:

Runner up: the dinner scene from Dead Alive.

Who wins in the undead show down- zombies, mummies, vampires or ghosts?

Ghosts are too insubstantial and mummies just don’t want it bad enough. I think a vampire could take down a zombie in a one-on-one cage match, but not being able to go out in the sun is a HUGE handicap. The vampires could pull it off if they have the right leadership, but if even one of the Twilight crew is involved then zombies all the way.

In the event of a zombie outbreak, what is your plan?


Don’t miss Kirk Shimano’s Love In The Time Of Zombies, directed by Claire Rice, playing October 15, 16, 22, 29, 30, only at the Cafe Royale in San Francisco.