Cowan Palace: My Birthday Suit Is My Favorite Costume

This week Ashley’s out wishing by getting a little older and hopefully, wiser.

Hey friends! So my birthday has fallen right in the middle of a busy fall. I promise to get my act (pun intended) together for my next blog but until then, if you’d like to help celebrate my new year, I give you this challenge:

Go out of your way today and do something purposefully and intentionally kind for someone else. It can be anything! Buy a coffee for a stranger, give an actor a compliment (or a cookie!), read your friend’s Harry Potter fan fiction, whatever!

And if you’re feeling fancy, share the experience! You can even hashtag it, #OwlBeKind so I can be sure to see it and virtually high five you.

Why include “owl” in the hashtag? Well, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE OWLS AND PUNS. Also, in middle school, someone tried to meanly make fun of me for having big eyes by calling me “owl”. But, jokes on them; little did they know how cool and trendy owls would one day become! Plus, I love owls because they remind me embracing the “different” things that define you can be cool. And choosing to be kind despite any meanness, is just the coolest, right?

So, if you’re up for it, go get your kindness on and tell me all about it! My birthday suit will decorated with all the nice things you’re doing and I’ll be the biggest babe around.