The Five: Stay Down, 2014

Anthony R. Miller checks in with his five favorite moments of 2014.

Hey you guys, let’s talk about years. I know some people like to use their birthday as a moment to reflect. But on my birthday I like to reflect on how old I am and how young and pretty I used to be. I like calendar years, four seasons, and the same frame of time for everybody. So here are five things I like to look at when gauging my success over the course of a year.

Did I make time for the people who love me?

In theatre, I think it’s really easy to sacrifice things for your art. It’s easy to turn down every social event because of rehearsals, staying home to write or go through email, research, or even just hide from the world. A lot of good stuff started happening when I starting making sacrifices for my friends and family. I didn’t quit theatre or anything, but maybe I took a lot less Sunday meetings. I try to spend a couple hours hanging out with my girlfriend, instead of hiding in my office. It wasn’t major but it made a difference. Now it’s the first thing I think of when a gauge a year

How’s work?

Am I happy with how I’m making a living? Actually yeah, I am. I love my day job and my twelve part time jobs. This year I actually paid bills with money I made writing and producing theatre. My money situation is still terrible, but hey that’s what next year is for right?

Did I meet my goals?

This year was year three of a five year plan I set for me. Being able to check things off a list year after year has been so helpful for me. It puts what I’ve done in perspective, and it helps in those inevitable moments when I feel like I’ve done nothing.

Did you try hard enough?

Once I’ve acknowledge the opportunities I’ve had in the past year, I think about if I made the most of them. Something that makes want to keep improving is just always asking “Was this the best I could do?”

Am I excited for the future?

This was an amazing year for me. Full of a lot of great opportunities and some incredible moments as a person, an artist and father, And I look at everything that was accomplished by having a plan, and I feel great about this. But as great as it feels, I know I can do better. I’m excited, real excited.

2015, Come at me bro.

Anthony R. Miller is a Writer, Director, Producer and thinks theatre tickets make a great Christmas gift for all your friends and family. See more about his projects at