The San Francisco Theater Pub(lic) Blog Reaches Another Milestone!

“Working Title” has gotten the week off so we can bring you something fun in honor of a big milestone for all of us here at The San Francisco Theater Pub blog (or the San Francisco Theater Public, as we’ve taken to calling it.) You can catch Will’s next column on April 1st.

Today’s post marks our 500th post on this blog!

Amazing, huh?

Considering we started this four years ago in the month of March (thanks to initiative taken by Bennett Fisher), this is kind of an amazing milestone, not only for reminding us how long we’ve been around, but how much work we’ve done in the last two years since first making the commitment to move to more frequent and diverse content. In honor of this momentous occasion, all the hard work we’ve been doing, our own ridiculous egos, and social media’s current fascination with personality quizzes, we have come up with nothing less than a WHICH THEATER PUB BLOGGER ARE YOU personality quiz!

Bravo! Bravo!

Bravo! Bravo!

Special thanks to Ashley Cowan for the idea, and Allison Page, who did all the leg work to make it happen, including writing all the copy for the results. We hope you all enjoy this bit of fun, and have a laugh with us. The eight possible answers are the eight current staff bloggers (Stuart Bousel, Ashley Cowan, Barbara Jwanouskos, Will Leschber, Allison Page, Claire Rice, Dave Sikula, Marisa Skudlarek), but as always, we couldn’t have made it this far without the rest of the Theater Pub crew: Victor Carrion, Julia Heitner, Brian Markley, Cody Rishell, and all our past staff writers and contributors. Thanks, guys, this one’s for you!

Encore! Encore!

Encore! Encore!

Please feel free to share your results in the comments below! And, if you aren’t happy with your results (even though we’re all so lovable) and want to take the quiz again, you can do so if you clear your cookies first. You can also take it as many times as you want if you are a member of the company we built this quiz with, but disabling/clearing cookies will also do the trick.

Have fun! And thank you for reading the San Francisco Theater Pub(lic)!

13 comments on “The San Francisco Theater Pub(lic) Blog Reaches Another Milestone!

  1. juliana says:

    I got Dave Sikula! I know it’s accurate because of the heavy use of the word “shenanigans” in the result.

  2. I got Stuart Bousel!

  3. jereco1962 says:

    I got George Takei. How’d that happen?

  4. Tim says:

    Love this! Great idea. Oh, and I am Will Leschber, obviously.

  5. I got Marissa Skudlarek. No wonder I suddenly feel glamorous.

  6. I got Claire Rice, which is creepy because I’ve been plotting how I could become her. Hod did Quibblo know this? Have the plans leaked? Dammit

  7. Ashley Cowan! I totally scored! ❤

  8. Meg says:


    J/K – Love her! I feel lucky to have such pretty hair and a growing immunity to bleach.

  9. RickSteele says:

    I am become Will Leschber, the Destroyer of Words. Just kidding—we haven’t exactly met.

    • wleschber says:

      We kindred spirits can desolate words and worlds alike. I look forward to our next life when we are immortal. 😉

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