Cowan Palace: 15 Reasons to Fall for September

Ashley Cowan uncovers some September holidays to help get you through the month.

Well, we made it to September, gang. And if you’re like me, this month has never been a favorite. Personally, it has always seemed like a thirty day layover between destinations. The end of summer but not quite into the autumn groove yet. Each day gets a little shorter and the inevitable sense of change lingers in the cool fog. But before you all drown your sorrows in pumpkin spice lattes and sing Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” out of tune, perhaps consider celebrating a hidden holiday or two. Here are 16 days that may help you fall for September.

September 4: Eat an Extra Dessert Day

Give in to your inner glutton without shame and double up on those sweet treats! You’ve earned it, pal! This summer wasn’t exactly easy so make sure you order that pie la mode.

September 6: National Fight Procrastination Day

Make sure you’re armed and ready, lazy bones. Or else I guess you can consider putting it off until tomorrow… no! You need to combat that instinct! Get up and do something you’ve been putting off all year. Today is your day!

September 8: National Pet Memorial Day

Don’t have a furry friend to snuggle? Just check out any of my social media outlets and you’ll see I’ve memorialized more than enough for all of us.

Calibri;”>September 10:  Swap Ideas Day

Anyone want to reign over Cowan Palace for a day? Here’s your chance. I’ll look forward to ruling over your brilliance too.

September 12: Chocolate Milk Shake Day

Today, when you bring all the boys to the yard, make sure the flavor is chocolate.

September 13: Positive Thinking Day

Considering this one falls on Friday the 13th, good luck with that.

September 15: National Women’s Friendship Day

Put aside those frenemy feelings, girls. Today is all about the lady love.

September 18: National Cheeseburger Day

See you all at Super Duper!

September 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Time to annoy friends, family, and coworkers by elongating those “R” sounds all day long. And remember, it’s an international holiday so you’re welcome to piss people off in different languages too!

September 21: Miniature Golf Day OR World Gratitude Day

I’m so thankful that we can play a game involving clubbing a ball around a windmill!

September 22: Dear Diary Day

Time to thank that journal for keeping all your secrets.

September 23: Dogs in Politics Day

Well, I vote pup everyday but it’s still adorable.

September 24: National Punctuation Day

Consider using today to explore that sensual semicolon or rethink that casual comma.

September 26: National Pancake Day

My suggestion: pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes!

September 27: Hug a Vegetarian Day

Give that soy lover/meat hater in your life a warm embrace.

September 28: Ask a Stupid Question Day and Drink Beer Day

A perfect pairing. In honor of these two holidays, I will answer any question you’d like and gladly allow you to buy me a seasonal ale.

And if that’s not enough to celebrate, September is also considered to be “Self Improvement Month”. Time to put yourself first and polish some things before October. And if none of these reasons did it for you, keep this in mind: September is also “Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month”.’

Finally, for all of the romantics in the house, here is the best monologue ever written about September, from The Fantasticks:

You wonder how these things begin. Well, this begins with a glen. It begins with a season which, for want of a better word we may as well call- September. It begins in a forest where the woodchucks woo, and the leaves wax green, and vines intertwine like lovers; try to see it. not with your eyes, for they are wise, but see it with your ears: the cool green breathing of the leaves. And hear it with the inside of your hand: the soundless sound of shadows flicking light. Celebrate sensation. Recall that secret place. You’ve been there, you remember: That special place where once- Just once- in your crowded sunlit lifetime, you hid away in shadow from the tyranny of time. That spot beside the clover where someone’s hand held your hand and love was sweeter than the berries, or the honey, or the stinging taste of mint. It is September- before a rainfall- a perfect time to be in love.