Theater Conservatory Confidential: So long, And Thanks For All The Rehearsal!

Eli Diamond prepares to sign off.

So it’s finally over. My last scene of the year, and my last scene with Atlantic Acting School, went up today to a wonderful response, and I am incredibly glad that Dog Sees God is the note I will be leaving here on. It’s been a rough year, full of breakdowns and stress-cries, but in the end, I think it was what I needed. It was a wake-up call; a chance for me to begin to see my life from a different perspective. Instead of being down in the dumps all the time, I needed to start thinking a bit more positively, and I have. Slowly but surely, I have become more comfortable in my own skin, as an actor and as a person, and this summer, I hope I will have a chance to show some of that off.

My plans for the summer mostly involve an internship and a trip to Cape Cod, but I hope to be doing a couple of shows. This freedom that the summer, and next year, offers me is wonderful. I’m excited to use what I learned at Atlantic to push myself into directions I never expected. I cannot wait to begin working with people, and applying the technique to actual plays rather than just class-work. My relationships with my friends back home will be revisited and hopefully expanded upon. This to me, felt like one giant rehearsal for my life.

That’s not to say that I don’t hope to stay in contact with everyone here. There are many wonderful people who I am incredibly glad I got to meet. I’m just sad because I realize that odds of me staying in contact with 85% of them is incredibly slim. I never fit in the way I wanted to, but that’s okay, because that taught me a lot about myself, and ways I could work on being the me who I want to be. I am happier now, because I feel like, for once, I am confident and calm just being myself.

I’m Elijah Diamond, and I’m pretty damn weird, but I love that. I love video games and theatre, and all sorts of random shit. Staying at home next year will be a little bit of a drag, but I hope to rent an apartment or something within the course of the year, but until then, I’ve just gotta wait for my registration for City College courses. That is, if they aren’t already full.