Theater Conservatory Confidential: The Art of Sitting Quietly

Eli Diamond finds some quiet time while navigating the second semester of his first year at Theater School.

So, this weekend has opened my eyes to a few things. Mostly that I cannot stand being in the same room with certain people for more than ten minutes. And that I get annoyed when these same people are invited into my room night after night for drinking and video games. I think I’m starting to learn the true purpose of this place. College: Where the cynical Eli becomes even more cynical.

Not to say that there aren’t high points. Going out has led to some interesting encounters with a few of my friends, and no matter what happens, whether it’s good or bad, you can be sure I have a story to tell. Stories that I probably could get arrested for, but stories, nonetheless. I have however figured out a way to tell this story, namely by replacing everything illegal with the word “kittens”.

Ahem. It was my friend/suitemate’s birthday, and so, naturally, he had a few friends over. These friends each decided to bring some kittens. So, me and all the friends stayed huddled over, drinking the kittens. After feeling relatively good, some friends decided they were going out to smoke some kittens. I naturally decided to follow them, and, after we smoked some kittens, I figured out I lost my wallet.

I mean, it’s not a story with a happy ending, but it is a story. And I’m happy to have experienced it at this young age so I know never to do it again. Losing my wallet was a nuisance I lived with for the past few weeks, as I couldn’t get a replacement ATM card, due to lack of ID, and I couldn’t get an ID, due to lack of… well… ID. It’s almost gotten to the point where I’ve decided to invest in a fake, because getting one of those sounds a lot easier than whatever the DMV’s put me through. I have learned my lesson a bit though, as my nights have been spent far more soberly since.

I have been thinking though. I’m not quite sure what has made me think of this. Maybe it’s the doldrums creeping up on me. But I’ve been thinking about transferring or just… going for it. Being in this profession makes me really question the worth of whatever college degree I end up getting. I’ve heard a few people say “Auditors look at your education” and I’ve yet to see if it’s true. Maybe transferring out of NYU after 2 years is a good thing. I’ll have the wonderful education provided for me by the Atlantic Acting School, and I’ll also save 100+ thousand dollars.

These are the things that have been going through my mind. I should probably be focusing on rehearsal though. I’m doing a scene from Shining City, and a scene from Rabbit Hole next, as well as writing a monologue. I’m pretty damn excited for this all. But for now, I’m just gonna sit quietly with my laptop, while those guys outside my door play Smash Bros. for the 5th night in a row.