Now Accepting Submissions For Pint Sized IV!

It’s that time of year again!  PINT-SIZED PLAYS are back for a fourth go around!  We are now accepting play submissions through April 15th, 2012. And mark your calendars, the festival performs this July!


1. Local, Bay Area playwrights only. Must be able to prove residence upon request.

2. Plays must be no longer than the time it takes to finish a beer. This means plays may be as short as a few seconds, but no longer than ten pages.  If a scene is too long, the beer could get warm and we certainly don’t want that.  We’ve got an hour for the evening and we want those plays brief and those beers cold.

3. Plays must take place in a bar. This is both a thematic concern and a logistical one.  The plays will be performed at a bar and as great as it would be to see a scene of people drinking beers while skydiving, we don’t have the fly system installed yet.  Items provided for your plays: tables, chairs and beers.  So keep that in mind.

4. Plays must respect the bar space. Our hosts are incredibly supportive of the festival, but we need to reciprocate that respect. Don’t do anything in your play that you wouldn’t do in a bar yourself (with some degree of sobriety).

5. Plays must have no more than three actors.

6. At least one of the characters must be drinking a beer during the scene and the play is over when a beer is finished.  We don’t have many rules, but this one is a biggie.

Plays should be submitted electronically, in a .doc or PDF format, with the playwright’s name and contact information to with the subject “First Name, Last Name – Pint Sized 2013 Submission.”

Clarifying questions may also be sent to this address.

Selected plays will be announced in May 2013.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

-Brian, Julia, Neil and Stuart

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