An Interview With Sang Kim About Pajanuary

Sang S. Kim, writer, director, actor and widely-know comedic-talent-about-town, took some time to answer a few questions about the upcoming Theater Pub event, Pajanuary, which will be happening on Monday, January 21st.

We know you’re not stranger to Theater Pub, but this is your first time running a Theater Pub event, isn’t it?

That’s right.  Hopefully won’t be the last.

What’s been the best part?

Getting to hang out with my uber talented friends and boss them around.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Uber talented friends are also uber busy.  Trying to coordinate schedules is like trying to get monkeys to roller skate.

How did you get hooked up with this job?

I think I was the most sober person in the room [at the Retreat] so yeah… joke’s on me.

Tell us more about Pajanuary. First off… what is a Pajanuary?

You’d have to ask Maria Leigh, who I think came up with the actual word Pajanuary (editor’s note: yes, indeed, it was Maria Leigh, at the 2012 Theater Pub retreat).  We also thought up Pajamuary with an “M” but then we’d have to offer Jam and that would get too messy.  Anyway, I’m more of a perserves man myself.

Your press release mentions that it is a night of “comfort theater”- want to be more specific?

During the meeting where this idea formed, Ashley Cowan pointed out that most suicides happen in late January.  From that wondefully cheerful thought, we came up with Pajamas and Bedtime Stories because statistically speaking, most suicides don’t happen in pajamas.  Wait… what was the question again?

I mean, he looks comfortable, doesn't he?

I mean, he looks comfortable, doesn’t he?

What do you think are some of the highlights of the evening?

Re-imagining the stories you grew up with while cuddled up next to your nearest and dearest with a drink.  Also – anyone who hasn’t had time to get into Harry Potter will probably never have to after that night.

Your press release also says people should wear their pajamas- will you be in pajamas?

I’m ordering them online as we speak.  Word of advice – do not google leather pajamas.

Do bathrobes count as pajamas?

Sunil Patel is coming in hospital scrubs so anything is pajamas after that.

What remains, to this day, your favorite bedtime story?

No joke – the Bible.  Floods, Fratricide, and giant Fishes.  It has everything a confused child wants to hear right before he falls asleep.

Don’t miss PAJANUARY, this first Theater Pub of 2013, playing one night only on Monday, January 21, at 8 PM at the Cafe Royale. The event is free with a suggested five dollar donation at the door. And don’t forget, our friends at Hide Away Blues BBQ will be there too, so come hungry!  

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