We Have A New Mission Statement and New Opportunities!

So, nineteen of us went to the woods: Founding Artistic Directors Stuart Bousel and Brian Markley, Art Director Cody Rishell, and long time collaborators Megan Cohen, Jeremy Cole, Ashley Cowan, Nick and Lisa Gentile, Karen Hogan, Dan Kurtz, Sang Kim, Maria Leigh, Will Leschber, Carl Lucania, Jan Marsh, Karen Offereins, Sunil Patel, Kirk Shimano and Marissa Skudlarek. We spent two nights making food together, drinking, arguing and laughing about art, the local theater scene, and the best and worst of the first three years of Theater Pub.

On Saturday we spent six hours seriously looking at the future of the Pub, the way we structured our season, how we got people involved, etc. We talked a lot about what made Theater Pub special, what worked the first couple years, and most importantly, what wasn’t working any more, and what needed to change to allows us to not only move into the future, but continue to grow.

We decided one thing that definitely had to change was our mission statement, and after about half an hour of tinkering and trying out different phrasing, this is what we came up with:

“The San Francisco Theater Pub produces re-imagined classics and scripted orginal works in a casual bar environment, emphasizing collaboration and connection between new and established theater artists and audiences.”

That’s one classy complex sentence, isn’t it?

But in all seriousness, we are excited to have a mission statement that fits what Theater Pub has become, and encourages us to keep in mind our core value systems (namely fun, inclusivity, creativity and artistic challenge) as we move into the future. To get things going on the right foot, we spent dinner that night brainstorming the January show, which will be produced by Sang S. Kim, producing for us for the first time!

In it’s three years, we’re proud to say that Theater Pub has worked with over 200 actors, directors, musicians, writers, producers, artists, dancers, and tech people- fifty-three of whom have been involved with three or more shows! Those are impressive numbers for any theater company, and we’re glad to have given so many people a chance to shine, try something new, push their own boundaries, and entertain our audience. Going Forward, we want to make sure that we keep bringing in new people, even as we work to strengthen relationships with our favorite collaborators, and hence we will be opening six of our one night slots in our 2013 year, to new producers.

So- got an idea for a one night show that works in a bar-space like ours and you think fits in with the new mission statement (and the kind of crowd we tend to attract)? Let us know! We’ll be accepting project ideas for the following dates, all the way up till January 1st!

February 18
April 15
May 20
June 17
August 19
November 18

Additionally, we are looking for a larger project for October, to play October 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29. Halloween themed preferred, but not limited to. This production could potentially be fully staged, though once again, within the limitations of the bar (i.e. we don’t do much in way of standing scenery, full orchestras, or lots of light and sound).

Be sure to include as much info as you can- about you, anyone you want to bring in with you (actors, musicians, etc.), how you see this idea working in the bar and what your plan is to get thing thing on its feet with a budget of zero. Remember this is indie theater as trench warfare- innovative and passionate wins the day!

Send proposals to theaterpub@atmostheatre.com

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

2 comments on “We Have A New Mission Statement and New Opportunities!

  1. Great stuff. Looking forward to it.

  2. […] The official Theater Pub postmortem of the retreat is well worth your time to read: it contains our lovingly crafted new mission statement, and information on ways you can get involved in the coming year. And thanks again to the person who commented anonymously on my last column; we used your remarks as a jumping-off point for a lengthy discussion on diversity and inclusiveness at Theater Pub. Our resolve to improve in this area has found its way into our revised mission statement. […]

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