The Zombies Are Coming!

What’s up next for Theater Pub?

Love in the Time of Zombies is a new rom-zom-com about four friends trapped in a zombie-surrounded cabin where a mysterious woman who manipulates them to her own nefarious ends. It’s a journey to the edge of undeath that challenges the core of what makes us human- and what makes us a zombie.

Join the cast of A THOUSAND* zombie audience members in the kick-ass confines of the Cafe Royal for a night of romance, comedy and rotting flesh.

Written by Kirk Shimano, directed by Claire Rice, staring Alisha Ehrlich, Neil Higgins, Dave Levine, Tonya Narvaez, Vince Rodriguez and Maggie Ziomek.

The show plays five frightful nights: October 15, 16, 22, 29, 30, all at the Cafe Royale, always at 8 PM, always FREE!

*Number of zombie audience members rounded up to the nearest thousand