Field Notes From A BOA Virgin: I’m Sorry Program 1! I Really Do Love You, Pinkie-Swear!

Annie Paladino tells us it’s her, not us.

Here I am this week (same time, same place, you know the drill), bearing a confession, an apology, and an explanation (or two). Let’s get right to it:

CONFESSION: I did not see BOA Program 1 last weekend. I know, I know, last week I promised (ish) that I would. But…I did not. BUT THIS WEEKEND, I WILL. With the Internets as my witness, I swear it!

APOLOGY: …and I’m really sorry I didn’t! It would have been so great to write about! I’m a disgrace to bloggers everywhere, gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair, etc.

EXPLANATION: Okay so I do have some really excellent (ish) explanations for this totally unacceptable lapse. The first stumbling block that I…stumbled on…was my own cast. Appalling, I know. But we love each other so much that we wanted to experience the Other Program together (4eva). And the scheduling stars didn’t align! So we postponed until the next weekend.

But I still could have (would have) done it! Ventured on my own! Except…sometimes multitasking Bay Area theater artists overestimate their ability to…multitask. And sometimes it can result in bad things like sleeplessness, double-booking yourself, bringing the wrong binder, and caffeine overdose. And sometimes it can result in the sudden realization that some very basic grown-up-person needs are being overlooked. Like groceries. And clean clothes. And that’s what happened to me this week.

I’m sure this won’t come as a shock to you fellow crazy people (i.e. Bay Area theater artists), but this week, my efforts to finally see Program 1 were thwarted by two overflowing hampers and an empty refrigerator.

I don’t mean to be a total bummer, so I’ll leave you on a lighter note — field notes from my first real Saturday night post-show sojourn at the Tempest (official BOA bar):

Really, I think the fact that I spilled beer all over myself while attempting to demonstrate the essence of some of the, er, “dancing” I do in Maybe Baby, and was proud rather than embarrassed, tells you all you need to know.

BOA 2012 runs for two more weekends! I’ll see you there.


Keep checking back for more updates from Annie Paladino as she navigates the waters of this year’s Bay One Acts Festival. To find out more about them, including everything you could want to know about Program 1, go to

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