Support The Bay One Acts Festival!

The San Francisco Theater Pub is excited to be returning to the Bay One Acts Festival this year, with one of the Pub’s Founding Artistic Directors, Stuart Bousel, contributing his short play, Brainkill, to the festival, to be directed by Pub veteran, Sara Staley.

The Bay One Acts Festival is an exciting annual showcase of short works developed by different indy theater companies in the Bay Area and it provides an excellent leaping point for a diversity of talents- but it can’t happen without your support!

This year the Festival is trying to raise $10,000- an ambitious goal, to say the least. Of course, nobody expects any one person to plunk that down, but if we all give a little (and a little can be just $1.00!) we can reach the goal easily. All you have to do is follow this Kickstarter link, check out the fun video the folks behind the festival have made, and make your pledge online:

We only have a couple more weeks to raise these funds and if we don’t raise the target goal the festival doesn’t get ANY of the money- which would be terrible! So if you have an extra five or ten or fifty dollars hanging around, send it our way and help us continue this excellent and important Bay Area theater tradition!