San Francisco Theater Pub’s Website Reaches It’s 100th Post!

Yes, it’s true- this is our 100th post!

Since the Theater Pub blog was first started in March of 2010, we’ve featured dozens of interviews, articles and programing updates and grown from three subscribers to one hundred twenty and averaging fifteen hundred views per month! Many thanks to our active and supportive online community and we look forward to continuing to provide a great place on the web for theater lovers!

If you haven’t checked out some of our new features, we recently added a photo and artwork gallery with pictures of past shows and digital prints of the monthly artwork generated by our art director, Cody Rishell. We’ve also added a schedule, so you can see when our upcoming performances occur.

Speaking of what’s coming up, don’t forget that the Odes of March are this Monday, March 19th, at 8 PM at the Cafe Royale! Admission is free, but we encourage you to get there early as we tend to fill up quickly. A five dollar donation is suggested at the door, and don’t forget to thank our hosts by buying a beer!

This April we’ll be leaving the bar for a month to produce a show at the 11th Annual BOA Festival! Founding Artistic Director Stuart Bousel’s new play, Brainkill, will be part of program 1 this year, and will be directed by SF Theater Pub alum Sara Staley, staring SF Theater Pub alum Theresa Miller. For more information on when and where Brainkill will be playing and this wonderful annual theater festival, go to

See you at the Pub!