Theater Pub Kicks Off It’s Third Season On January 16th!

Are you yearning for your chance to relive protesting in your favorite city center but sans camping and tear gas?

Occupy Theater Pub! Join us at the Cafe Royale on Monday, January 16 at 8 pm for an evening of new theater, first hand accounts and historical letters and speeches that reflect on the meaning of the Occupy Movement, Civil Rights, and generally taking a stand for what you believe in!

Featuring original writing by Gabriel Bellman, Jeremy Cole, Ashley Cowan, Claire Rice, Kirk Shimano, Christian Simonsen, Eileen Tull, Matt Werner and some classic stuff by Lillian Hellman and Huey P. Newton.

Directed by Brook Bishop, Ashley Cowan, Julia Heitner, Claire Rice and Eileen Tull

Performances by McPuzo & Trotsky, Kirsten Broadbear, Matt Gunnison, Sylvia Hathaway, Kate Jones, Charles Lewis III, Brian Markley, Karen Offereins, Claire Rice and Nick Trengove.

Admission is FREE but get there early because we do tend to fill up!