It’s Christmas Time Once Again!

And yeah, we know, not everyone celebrates Christmas, but that’s why Theater Pub is bringing you a holiday concert of dramatic proportions! Think of it as a pageant crossed with a mass crossed with a rock concert crossed with karoke! How can you say no? 

Featuring SF Theater Pub stalwarts Stuart Bousel, Xanadu Bruggers, Kat Bushnell, James Grady, Michelle Jasso, Sara Judge, Carl Lucania, Kai Morrison and Rana Weber, along with debut pub performances from Cory Clar, Sean Fenton, Jim Jowdy, Paul Rodrigues and Kelly Sanchez.

Hymnals provided at the door so you can sing along, this free event begins at 8 PM on Monday, December 19th at the Cafe Royale (800 Post Street in San Francisco). Arrive early in your best rock and/or holiday wear and patronize our fabulous hosts! 



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