Closing Night For Devil of a Time!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Don’t forget to come on down to the Cafe Royale for closing night of Devil of a Time, our musical re-visioning of the Faust legend, giving it’s final performance tonight at 8 PM!

We expect a nice, full crowd, so showing up around 7:30 is strongly encouraged!

All Theater Pub events are FREE to attend, though donations at the door are encouraged.

A safe and fun holiday to all!


2 comments on “Closing Night For Devil of a Time!

  1. Lindi Press says:

    Hi Folks — you may send your Monday emails out at ‘October 31, 2011 at 1:34 pm’ – but they haven’t reached me for at least 27 hours over the last few weeks. Doesn’t make it easy to get to SF and join you for any of these events. BTW, anything ‘new’ in Greek tragedies or comedies in the near future?

    • sftheaterpub says:

      Looking ahead, we’re probably going to be doing a dramatic reading of a Terence play this coming Valentine’s Day. It it is slated to be directed by Stuart Bousel, who has helmed much of our classical repetoire (he adapted and staged CONGRESSWOMEN this past April, and adapted and acted in THE THEBAN CHRONICLES in our first year, as well as acting in our premiere show, CYCLOPES). So keep your eye out for that! It’s Roman, not Greek- but there will still be actors in sheets!

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