Lanford Wilson Is Everywhere!

It’s a known phenomenon that when the time for an idea has come, it occurs in many brains at once.

Aside from being the subject of our September Theater Pub this coming Monday, Lanford Wilson has an Off-Broadway revival of his “Lemon Sky” opening this weekend, a dedicated week of coverage in the arts blog Parabasis later this month, and a new staging of his final Tally play, “The Fifth of July”, opening TONIGHT in the bay area with our own multi-month TP alum and friend Xanadu Bruggers.

Check out Lanford’s early shorts “Home Free!” and “Ludlow Fair” on Monday night with us for free (there will be a ferris wheel), and then get a real ticket to “The Fifth of July” at the Pear Avenue Theater (tickets:, to get a sense for his hilarity, why he’s a pulitzer winner and why The Pear calls him one of our “finest american playwrights”. We hope he continues to get more deserved attention.