More Actor Interviews From The Pint-Sized Plays!!!

Pint-Sized plays returns tonight for its third performance, starting at 8 PM tonight at the Cafe Royale! As if you didn’t already have a million reasons to come join us, we thought some more entertaining spotlights with tonight’s entertainers would whet your appetite!

What do you love best about theater pub?

Karen Offereins: That it’s like our community’s gathering spot to try out new work and meet others to potentially work together with in the future.

Brian Martin: Getting to work on, or see, new plays- or plays that are rarely done- in a relaxed theater space.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: The Beer.  I mean, the Community.  The Beermunity.

What’s your favorite moment in this year’s Pint-Sized?

Jed Rapp Goldstein: Rob seducing middle-aged women as a llama in Drinking Alone.

Karen Offereins: When the Llama returns.

Brian Martin: When the entire bar sings along with “In Heaven There Is No Beer.”

What attracts you to a character as an actor?

Brian Martin: I’m attracted to a variety of characters as long as the script is well-written.

Karen Offereins: A sense that it’s a real person with depth and complexity.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: Usually an email.  Sometimes a conversation with a director.  A script sometimes helps.  That and strong conflict or plain truth.

What’s a role you’ve always wanted to play?

Jed Rapp Goldstein: A lazy NASA engineer who sings Seal and plays a melodica.

Karen Offereins: I’d pretty much take any female role in a Tennessee Williams play if I had the chance.

Brian Martin: Edmund Tyrone in A Long Day’s Journey Into The Night.

Who is your favorite actor?

Karen Offereins: Easy, Meryl Streep.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: Ryan Gosling. You saw The Notebook right?  JK, I drink your milkshake.

Brian Martin: Kim Stanley.

What show are you doing next, or what Bay Area show do you most look forward to this season?

Jed Rapp Goldstein: PanderFest 2011! With my sketch group, Mission Control (of PianoFight ilk), and SF improv titans Crisis Hopkins. Weekends through October at the new Stage Werx in the Mission. Like whoa.

Brian Martin: How to Love by Meg Cohen with Performers Under Stress, Hyperion to a Saytr by Stuart Bousel and Eos by Kendra Arimoto, both with the San Francisco Olympians Festival.

Karen Offereins: I’ll also be performing in two nights during the Olympians Festival (Pleiades and Oribiting Jupiter) in October.  Looking forward to it!

What’s your favorite thing to order at a bar?

Karen Offereins: Easy, lemon drop.

Brian Martin: Mojitos.

Jed Rapp Goldstein: An air strike (Oban 14) but really any type of invasion (whiskey) that’s appropriate.

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