Don’t Miss The Hanging Odes!

San Francisco Theater Pub kicks off its summer season with a one night only evening of inspiration and beauty!

The legend goes that before Muhammad brought Islam to Arabia, seven poems embroidered on rich cloth were suspended from the Ka’ba in Mecca. They were called the Mu’allaqat—the Hanging Ones. These poems were the most beautiful, exciting and esteemed poems in all of Arabia. The poets were great leaders or warriors, defen…ding their tribe’s honor through the age-long tradition of creating odes.

Many centuries have passed, but these poems remain an important part of Arab cultural identity. As rich in Arabic as Shakespeare is in English, these poems are still largely unknown outside the Arabic-speaking community. Director/adaptor Kate Jopson has combined the odes with live Middle-Eastern music and dancing, bringing the 6th century Arabic poem to an English speaking audience and giving you a glimpse into the power and artistry of these masterpieces. It’s an evening not to be missed!

As usual, admission is FREE, though we encourage you to make a small donation at the door. Get there early, as seating is limited! The show happens at 8 PM on Monday, July 18th at the Cafe Royale!