Accepting Submissions for the Second Annual Pint Sized Play Festival

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, PINT SIZED PLAYS are back this year by popular demand. The festival is coming in August, but playwrights should get cracking now. We are accepting submissions through April 30th.

Please read all the guidelines carefully.

1. Local, Bay Area playwrights only. Must be able to prove residence upon requests.

2. Plays must be no longer than the time it takes to finish a beer. This means plays may be as short as a few seconds, but no longer than ten pages. To be sure, you could sip a beer very, very, leisurely over the course of several hours, but we only have an hour of performance time for the whole evening.

3. Plays must take place in a bar. This is both a thematic concern, and a logistical one. We do not have the technical capability for anything too complicated. You’ve got tables, chairs, and beers, but that’s about it.

4. Plays must respect the bar space. Our hosts, the Cafe Royale, were incredibly supportive of last year’s festival, but we need to reciprocate that respect. Don’t do anything in your play that you wouldn’t do in a bar yourself (with some degree of sobriety).

5. Plays must have no more than three actors. Pretty self explanatory.

6. At least one of the characters must be drinking a beer during the scene, and the play is over when a beer is finished. That’s kind of the link between the pieces, really. Pretty important.

Plays should be submitted electronically, in a word document, with the playwright’s name and contact information to with the subject “First Name, Last Name – Pint Sized 2011 submission.” Clarifying questions may also be sent to this address. Selected plays will be announced in May.