Auditions for The Boar’s Head

A lot of people have been asking us about auditions for our adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry IV in May. Well, in case you’re still interested, here are our audition notice:
The Boar’s Head
adapted by Stuart Bousel from Shakespeare’s Henry IV & V
directed by Jessica Richards
Rehearsals: March 16 and April 12-May 16
Performances: May 16, 17, 23, 30, 31 @ Cafe Royale, SF
Auditions in West Berkeley:
11:30a-2p Feb 26
4-6p Feb 27
Please prep: one Shakespeare monologue
Sides will be provided
Email for an appointment
Roles Available
FALSTAFF: older, fat, jovial, lecherous, drunk, cowardly, usury but not ill-willed; genuinely loves Hal but his interest in the Prince is also selfish
BARDOLPH: 40s-50s, contemporary of FALSTAFF’s and long-time friend, nice enough guy but definitely a follower.
PISTOL: 20s-early 30s, violent and argumentative, he’s friends with FALSTAFF and BARDOLPH but that can change without warning; likes DOLL.
KATHARINE: 20s, French, beautiful, aloof but secretly friendly and gentle-hearted. MUST speak French well.
MISTRESS QUICKLY: late 30s-40s, weathered, simple minded, good hearted, loves FALSTAFF deeply but despairs of ever actually attaining him.
DOLL TEARSHEET: a whore, professionally and personally, late 20s-early 30s, long-time friend of QUICKLY, on-again-off-again lover of FALSTAFF.
ALICE: a barmaid, 20s, middle class, smart, articulate. Basic French-speaking ability required.