Theater Pub Spoils the Holidays for You on December 20

Well, we have finally reached the end of the year for The San Francisco Theater Pub, but there is still one more great event to close out this year and usher in our 2011 season. All of us are so grateful for the work and support of our collaborators and audience this year, and hope you will join us for our final celebration of the season. A little theater, a huge party, and a good time one-night-only on Monday, December 20th.

“But how shall Theater Pub celebrate the spirit of the holidays?” you ask. Well, Leigh Shaw, the who conceived and directs the piece, has the answer:

“The Monday before Christmas the San Francisco Theater Pub is throwing it down one more time with a holiday bash to remember! Get that dusty box out of the attic, put on one of those lovely Christmas sweaters that Auntie gives you every year, and come down to the pub for a pint and an evening of monologues, unconventional Christmas jingles, and all out revelry! A cadre of this year’s Theater Pub veterans each tell the tale of their own sordid or sappy memory that takes them back to the moment Kris Kringle lost his Jingle and how the mystery of Santa was spoiled forever. Touching, hilarious, and maybe just a bit too ridiculous, CODE RED will definitely beat the eggnog out of any holiday party you’ve seen before. Not an event for the kiddies, as they may have trouble getting a pint of their own at the bar, but definitely for all those young at heart who wish to get their holiday cheer on, who want to sympathize with other Christmas scarred children of the past, or who just need something fun for a Monday night! Let’s be honest, there won’t be any better pre-Christmas shenanigans to get yourself into! That is, unless you want to taunt and tease the mall Santa at Macy’s and hit on his elf assistants, again…”

CODE RED performs one night only in the Cafe Royale Bar (800 Post, at Leavenworth) on Monday, December 20. Show is at 8pm, with a celebration to follow. Admission, as always, is free.

Hope to see you there!