Massive Crowd and Pleasing Press for Ubu Roi

UBU ROI marked our second most well attended event after our first performance of CYCLOPS. Old faces and new laughed as Pere and Mere Ubu climbed to the top and dropped ignobly down again, savored new material by our guest DJ Wait What, and marveled at the bar’s new stage lights. It was a time and a half. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what the San Francisco Bay Guardian said about the event:

“In the crowded Café Royale, loss of life, limb, and the last tattered shreds of (in)dignity were being explored by San Francisco Theatre Pub with their free staged reading of “Ubu Roi” — adapted by company member Bennett Fisher. As the oafish would-be-king of Poland played by Sam Leichter cursed, spat, and clawed his way to the top, his power-hungry wife Mere Ubu (Catherine Lardas) gave the term Machiavellian a feminine touch as she urged him forward, then stood out of the way of his inglorious fall. Though it initially seemed that as many people came to hear the guest deejay (DJ Wait What) spin as to see the classic forerunner of absurdist theatre (overheard: “I think it’s about a king. It’s set in France.”), the café crowd soon became a cheering, catcalling, mass of enthusiastic participation. Directors of reading series take note: a spoonful of alcohol helps the medicine go down. And bartenders: a spoonful of Ubu can only help the alcohol sales go up.” – Nicole Gluckstern, San Francisco Bay Guardian

We are back at it again on August 16 with the Pint Sized Plays, so do not stray far.

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