‘Ubu Roi’ performs one night only Monday

For those of you eager for some more theater in a bar, Monday’s your one and only shot for the entire month of July. Shifting in a radical 180 degrees from the tone of THE THEBAN CHRONICLES, we return this Monday with a reading of a new translation of Alfred Jarry’s UBU ROI by Theater Pub co-founder Bennett Fisher. With a morbidly comic spin on Macbeth, Jarry scandalized Parisian audiences to the point of rioting in 1896 when the play was first produced. With a live deejay, a raffle, and a highly talented cast, we hope to achieve the same level of healthy frenzy without so much destruction of property.

Ubu Roi performs Monday, July 19 at 8pm at the Cafe Royale (800 Post, at Leavenworth). Admission is free.

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