‘The Theban Chronicles’ ends tonight with ‘Antigone’

Our four part series THE THEBAN CHRONICLES and the bloody history of the House of Oedipus comes to a close tonight with Sophocles’ Antigone, directed by Amy Clare Tasker, at 8pm tonight in the Cafe Royale Bar (800 Post Street). Considered one of the finest plays from the golden age of Greek drama, Antigone remains one of the most poignant and moving portraits of empathy, defiance, and justice, but seeing this play in the context of the other three – The Phoenician Women, Oedipus at Colonus, and Seven Against Thebes – the audience is able to appreciate it not just a play of ideas, but the climax of a deeply personal family drama. Antigone’s rebellion and Creon’s tyranny are all the more complex and, ultimately, human when one is able to see the progression of the relationships informed by the distinct voices of each of the three writers. We hope you join us for the final chapter.