‘Seven Against Thebes’ tonight

Join us tonight at 8pm at the Cafe Royale (800 post street) for the third installment of THE THEBAN CHRONICLES, Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes directed by Sara Judge.

In the most stylistically distinct play of the cycle – which reads more like an extended poem than a conventional drama – Eteocles and the other Thebans steel themselves for battle as Adrastus, Amphiaraus, Capaneus, Hippomedon, Parthenopeus, Tydeus, and Polyneices (yes, there you go, that’s the seven) march against the city. Aeschylus, himself a veteran of Marathon, flexes his lyrical muscles in this stirring and profound exploration of conflict and hubris, proving that, of the three tragedians, he’s probably the most likely to win a game of bloody knuckles. Aristophanes may have put it best in The Frogs when his Aeschylus, fighting in the poetry slam of his life against fellow playwright and general malcontent Euripides, claims “no one could see that play without wanting to go straight out and slay the foe.”

We hope you show a little restraint after seeing it.