Accepting Submissions for the Pint Sized Plays

San Francisco Theater Pub is accepting submissions for our August offering, THE PINT SIZED PLAYS. The evening will feature original short plays by local writers, all set in a bar, and each the length of time it takes to finish a beer (a few seconds to ten minutes).

Guidelines: 1-3 characters, as many beers (or other beverages), table and chairs. No other technical elements. The whole thing has to take place in a bar. Once one of the characters finishes a beer, the play is over. The idea is that the set up – bar, table, chairs – is constant throughout all of the plays. The only thing that changes is the people and the conversation.

Scripts must be under ten minutes (7 page maximum). San Francisco Bay Area playwrights only, please.

Submissions: Email a properly formatter script to Please include your full name and the phrase “Pint Sized Play” in the subject line of the email. All scripts are due by May 21.