San Francisco Theater Pub Announces Programming for June and July

Before AUDIENCE opened on Tuesday night, San Francisco Theater Pub co-founder Stuart Bousel introduced our June and July programming for our 2010 season. We will be announcing the rest of the season, which features new material every month of the year, bit by bit before performances of AUDIENCE, so be sure to attend to hear the new first.

For June, Stuart Bousel has conceived THE THEBAN CHRONICLES – a four part dramatic reading “mini-series” centered on the House of Thebes, starting with the banishment of Oedipus and ending with the death of Antigone. Drawn from four classic Greek plays by Euripides (The Phoenician Women), Sophocles (Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone), and Aeschylus (Seven Against Thebes), the reading will showcase a compelling four part drama, that honors its three literary sources and their distinct voices. By condensing each episode to less than an hour, we strive to create a compelling, character driven narrative that will appeal to all audiences. The scope of the project is impressive: thirty actors, four directors, four nights in three weeks. If you are a lover of the classics, this is not an event to miss. If classics are not quite your thing, what better venue to change your mind about Greek theater than a bar?


June 15: Phoenician Women

June 21: Oedipus at Colonus

June 28: Seven Against Thebes

June 29: Antigone

We are following THE THEBAN CHRONICLES with a slightly more comic take on ambition, power, and dysfunctional marriages – a staged reading of Alfred Jarry’s masterpiece UBU ROI on Monday, July 19, adapted and directed by Bennett Fisher. Considered by many to be the godfather of Absurdism, Jarry scandalized Parisian audiences in 1896 with a madcap reboot of Macbeth. Over a century later, the play has lost none of its edge, and it’s schoolboy humor send-up of greed and gluttony still resonates.

We are excited that both projects will allow us to expand our creative pool to encompass more bay area theater artists. Check back with us soon about information regarding auditions and other ways to get involved. If you’re interested in being a part, we highly recommend that you come talk to us after a show.

-Victor Carrion, Stuart Bousel, Bennett Fisher, and Brian Markley

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